Announcing Domestic Awards

Marge Taydus Award
Senior Division winner - Linnea Rossey
Junior Division winner - Bristol Holden

The Marge Taydus Award is based on the total number of ribbons won by an individual competitior in the Senior Division and Junior Division in the Still Exhibits (Departments 11-19 and 23).


Domestic Exhibitor of the Year Award:
Brookie LaVinge

To qualify for this award, an individual must have received at least one blue ribbon in four departments (Department 12-19 and 23).


Janice Reddick Memorial Award was won by:
Lucinda Cable

Given to the Best in Show in the Dahlia Classes.


Mary Benedict Memorial Award won by
Becky Wilcox.

The award is given to one exhibitor of the judge's choice in either flowering plants, foliage plants, annuals or perennials.


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