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Family Shows – Ground Acts

Wheels of Agriculture Game Show – 3 Times Daily
Sponsored by McKissock Learning
Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Do you have fast hands? Do you know anything about agriculture?
Are you feeling lucky? You will find out at the WHEELS OF AGRICULTUE GAME SHOW!
Don’t miss this fast paced, exciting TV style Game show! Contestants of all ages can play, laugh and
learn. The show offers 100% audience participation! You might be a contestant, a wheel spinner, or a
lifeline in the audience when are contestants are stumped. Prizes are awarded and everyone learns
something about agriculture!

Oakley The Tree Man – Roaming throughout the fairgrounds
Sponsored by Kessel Construction
Cliff Spenger, who performs as Oakley the Tree Man, towers over visitors in his 100-pound tree suit, as Oakley the Tree Man, ready to strike up a conversation with guests and pose for pictures. Spenger, a former tightrope-walking juggler, came up with the idea for the Tree Man when he read a book about the Green Man, a symbolic figure frequently depicted in carvings and paintings. “The Green Man image has a face surrounded by leaves and is a symbol for man’s relation to nature”, Spenger said. “With my tightrope walking I’d been climbing trees, tying my tightrope to trees – I really just loved trees,” Spenger said. “So when I found out about this Green Man archetype, that it was a symbol of Man and Nature as one, that it represents rebirth and renewal like the coming of spring, I thought, “Oh, I’ll be a walking tree version of the Green Man”. Since then, he has made his living as Oakley the Tree Man, specializing in Special Events. Cliff customizes his presentations using Bird and Squirrel puppets, fun clean comedy, and a little bit of Photosynthesis. As Oakley, he is constantly interacting with guests, complimenting them, joking with them, and posing for photos. Oakley’s all time favorite is The Family Tree Picture. This way, the quests get to make a personal memory with Oakley the Tree Man and take it home with them.


Trivia Tractor – Roaming throughout the fairgrounds
Sponsored by McKissock Learning
Between the Wheel of Agriculture Game shows our mobile game show the Trivia Tractor brings the fun, education and excitement all over the fairgrounds! You never know where it will pop up next!

Countdown to Fair 314 Days 19 Hours 44 Minutes 21 Seconds
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