Bill’s Workshop / Motor Sports Arena (40th Anniversary)

BILL’S WORKSHOP was our main shower building for many years having eight showers, four for men and four for women. It was developed because the fair only had two showers in the old bathroom in the center of the fairgrounds, one for women and one for men. People from the barns were instrumental in the building of this so that they could clean up easily on show day after preparing their animals for show.

After construction of the new bathroom and showers, the building underwent a transformation as a place for people to get out of the sun and rest during the fair. Upon election to the Board, a fair director talked her husband into coming down to the fairgrounds, and he saw a need for the benches and picnic tables on the grounds to be repaired and refinished. They now spend many hours and days in this endeavor. It then becomes a resting place and place for picnics during the fair.

The MOTOR SPORTS ARENA was opened in 1984 to have a safer and better place to hold tractor pulls and other motor sports events.

Tracey Crocker and Max Smith led actual construction with the guidance of Dave Turner and John Allen. The initial clearing of the land was led by Walter Ward and his family, with many others helping. The workers cut hundreds of face cords of firewood, which was primarily small hickory and many other species. The ground was then stumped and cleared with machinery from Joe Gurdak and others. The first year saw a diverse range of events, including garden tractor, farm tractor, and modified truck/tractor pulling. Since then, the motor sports arena has hosted many events, from Joie Chitwood thrill shows, bicycle/skateboard shows and inline skate shows, as well as ATV shows, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

This year we will have a rodeo, dead boat pull, antique pull, drag racing, stockcar football, Modified truck and tractor pulling, and a water battle in the pits. The arena has been improved with more seating, an announcer booth, food booths, better lighting, a sound system, safety walls, fences, and many other daily improvements. All of the bleacher improvements have been led by John Ward and now total well over 6000 seats. The pits will now accommodate up to 50 semi-haulers and their cargo.

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