Fort Williams / Betsy Ross Park

FORT WILLIAMS was built with materials furnished by Robert Williams in honor and memory of his father, Paul Williams. This building is in the center of the fairgrounds in front of the KeyBank Pavilion. This project was spearheaded by Murray Peterson, with the assistance of his students in shop class at Beatty Junior High School and with the additional aid of former County Agent Bernie Wingert.

This structure was built as an area where fairgoers could relax, rest, and enjoy the fair. It has seating in the open building and is well-used during the fair and other events. Directly to the south of Fort Williams is the Flagpole of the Warren County Fair, where United States and Pennsylvania flags are flown. The area around the flagpole has always been called BETSY ROSS PARK in honor of the person who made the original flag. Again, Bernie Wingert and Murray Peterson were the people behind making this area of the fairgrounds for people to enjoy.

The WARREN COUNTY FAIR GAZEBO, a space for music and demonstrations, stands proudly north of Fort Williams. This structure, a product of the Corry, Pennsylvania community’s efforts, was led by the dedicated Max Bennick, a long-time board member and head of the entertainment committee. His leadership and dedication were a shining example for all, earning him national respect in the entertainment business.

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