Horseshoe Pits

The HORSESHOE PITS were built in the late ’60s and early ’70s by a group that would become the Warren County Horseshoe Pitchers. The early pitchers were led by David Marsh (to whom the pits were dedicated), Don Ludwick, Duane Spicer, and many others.

For many years, the pits were a hub of activity, hosting a tournament on the Saturday of the fair. A regular league was also held on Monday nights, along with the women’s league on another night of the week.

Over the years, the pits were expanded by the small hill above the original pits, lights were added, and a building for tools and fellowship was added. This building was recently taken down for safety reasons and to provide more room for camping. Many tournaments were held here, including the Pennsylvania tournament, with many individuals, such as Curt Von Kliest, winning those tournaments. Jean and John Olsen are the contact persons for the pits now, and they live in Lander.

This was a significant part of the Fair for many years.

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